Track Your Transport


Track your shipment from pickup to delivery — online, any time.

This is a service that is coming soon because we know you want to know when your cars are picked up and delivered.

So much of our customer support revolves around keeping track of our car loads. In order to offer you the best possible service, we worked with a software development firm to develop our software system. We are currently working to provide our clients with a way to check the status of their cars. With a couple peices of information and a few VIN numbers you can see if your vehicles have been picked up or delivered and at what time.

This feature will be available in the next month or so, please check back soon or ask your dispatch representative about current transport tracking availability.

Trust Crown Auto Transport & Logistics to transport and deliver your new vehicles with ease and security. Our experienced team is qualified to assist you with your cross-country or state-to-state move.

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We'd love to tell you you more about how you can track your next shipment of cars.