Crown is a U.S. EPA SmartWay Transport Partner

SmartWay® Transport Partner

We're comitted to clean, more efficient transportation.
At Crown Auto Transport, our equipment is upgraded and maintained to meet SmartWay Transport Partner guidelines each year. It is something that we are really proud to be a part of and work hard to achieve. We have instituted a number of procedures focused on improving environmental practices to reduce fuel costs and operate cost-effectively.

SmartWay works directly with us to keep things as "green" as possible to lower our impact on the environment. Crown is part of 3,000 nationwide partners that have saved $16.8 billion in fuel costs, saving 120.7 million barrels of oil, reducing 51.6 million metric tons of CO2 and reducing 738,000 tons of NOx reductions worldwide!

SmartWay aims to accelerate the availability, adoption and market penetration of advanced fuel efficient technologies and operational practices in the freight supply chain, simultaneously helping companies save fuel, lower operating costs and reduce adverse environmental impacts.


We chose to join the SmartWay Transport Partner program because of the following:

  • Environmental Benefits
    SmartWay works with the Office of Transportation and Air Quality (OTAQ) to protect public health and reduce respiratory illnesses and climate change.
  • Transportation Focus
    SmartWay helps us focus on the transport industry's market-driven, rather than regulatory, methods to achieve air quality benefits.
  • Excellence
    SmartWay distinguishes only products and services [Crown Auto Tranport & Logistics] that meet superior environmental performance characteristics.
  • Credibility
    As an EPA initiative, SmartWay represents a credible source for information about cleaner and more efficient transportation options.

Auto Haulers Association of America (AHA of America)

Crown Auto Transport and Logistics is a proud member of the Auto Haulers Association of America. They are dedicated to providing us with the tools and resources we need to improve our operational performance. They provide help through special subject meetings, shared departmental experiences and developing best practices that our team adopts and learns from regularly.